Q: ARES, What is it?

A: It is comprised of a group of volunteer licensed Amateur Radio operators who provide emergency communication services in cooperation with such agencies as FEMA, American Red Cross, National Communications System, The Salvation Army, NOAA, and many state and local agencies.

Q: What if I donít have a Amateur license?

A: That is why we have a amateur radio club and work in conjunction with the ARRL. The club is to help educate, experiment, and learn about amateur radio operations.†

Q: So your in charge of Emergency Communications?

A: Absolutely NOT. We practice and train to aid in emergency communications with other agencies, under those agencies direction and guidelines.

Q: So why are you needed?

A: Many of the ARES members have training and communication equipment which can extend the range and area of coverage of key emergency services of other organizations.

Q: So I have to have expense equipment?

A: No. Many ARES members operate on low cost VHF/UHF frequencies equipment as spotters. But you may have the opportunity to train on equipment which can reach all over the world.

Q: So you are just used in Emergencies?

A: No. We practice and train by providing public service in such activities as races, parades, and fairs. We also train in simulated emergencies on local, regional, and state levels as part of our mutual aid.

Q: Can any amateur be in ARES?

A: YES. Due to the relationship with local emergency agencies you may be required to be 18 years of age to be active as part of their agency deployment of ARES members, but all licensed armature radio operators are welcome to become members.†††††††††††††††††††

Q: What type of Emergencies?

A: ARES members have been instrumental in such events as hurricanes, tornadoís, large scale fires, earthquakes, search and rescue, and storms ranging from floods to blizzards.

Q: So do you do in Emergencies?

A: We aid in communications. The range could be from helping run a command center to the relay of health and status of individuals in a disaster area back to family members.

Q: So you talk a lot?

A: No. We use voice and data methods of communication which can range from Morse code to digital packet.

†Q: Why, the internet is faster than radio?

A: Well that is true if you have internet, but amateur radio can send its information from radio to radio and link into the internet to get the message through without cellular usage and we can do so world wide at about the same speed.

Text Box: Smith County ARES Meeting

Meeting Date: 2018-APR-21

Meeting Time: 08:00

Meeting Location: Hardies in Carthage TN



Michael Yeargin, EC† W4MDY

Al Amburn, AEC† KJ4KCQ

Thomas Taylor† KN4EWT

Janna Yeargin† W4JEY


Meeting called to order by M. Yeargin after all members had breakfast ordered.

No Minutes of first meeting was had; Janna Yeargin offered to take notes for this meeting and other meetings going forward so the group can provide non-attending members information.

Motion for meeting was made for all future minutes to occur on third (3rd) Saturday of each month by Michael Yeargin.

††† Second by Al Amburn.

††† All approved, no disapproval.

Discussed use of SMRC (Short Mountain Repeater Club) for holding nets Thursday nights at 19:00 if approved by SMRC club president Randy Bee for use of W4XYA repeater.

Secondary option for holding nets was presented by Michael by using the Wilson County EMS, W4EOC repeater if Marty, Director of WCEMS provides permission.

At this time no permission has been provided by either SMRC or W4EOC custodians.

Thomas Taylor volunteered to hold nets once permission was granted by either custodian.

Al Amburn stated that he was sending notice to all HAMís in Smith county using the list provided by Janna Yeargin and should have all in the mail by Monday. Offer was made for reimbursement of cost by Michael Yeargin, Al declined.

Janna Yeargin had contacted the Smith County HAM Club (uncertain of actual name) about meeting and was provided information that on June 23rd they would be holding activities for Field Day. She stated that she would get additional information and pass it along as received.

Breakfast was finished and all adjourned.



Contact: † ††††††W4MDY@ARRL.Net†† or

†††††††††††††††††††† W4JEY@ARRL.Net